Extend your summer with Corona SunBeam

Corona SunBeam makes your patio days a little brighter

Corona Sunbeam Clinton's

Corona SunBeam delivers the warmth. Because honestly, who likes a cold, dark patio?

Corona SunBeam delivers the warmth. Because honestly, who likes a cold, dark patio?

2014. The summer that barely was. That’s how a lot of people would describe this past season. It came late, was scarce when it actually was around, and it ended early. Naturally, this is quite sad really, because one of the best things about summer in Toronto is sitting out on your favourite patio, basking in the warmth of the sun, drink in hand. Well, thank Corona, because they have brought a lovely little treat to the city, allowing us to extend the summer just a little longer.

Cue the Corona SunBeam. Think of a giant mirror, 60-feet in the air, reflecting not just the light, but also the heat of the sun down on your shaded neighbourhood patio.

There has been a fair bit of backlash online about the initiative, particularly this being nothing but a branding gimmick, and yes, the crane that hoists the SunBeam is Corona Extra branded, but honestly, why not? TheSceneinTO and a number of other patrons got to witness the unveiling of the beam first hand at Clinton’s, Bloor St. West’s notoriously shaded patio. Pre-beam it was dark and chilly, but once it went up and reflected the sun down on us, the difference in light and temperature that it provided was both unexpected and an absolute delight.

The activation of the SunBeam is determined by weather, and for now, there are no set times or dates that it will be out, but it would be great to see more of this innovation in years to come.

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