Eatable Film Festival Offers the Ultimate Dinner Experience

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Eatable Film Festival, something you can sink your teeth into

If you’re a fan of watching cooking shows on the small screen, you probably wonder from time to time what could possibly top smell-o-vision. If so, the Toronto Eatable Film Festival could be the event you’ve been looking for. Now in its second year, the Eatable Film festival is a feast for the senses and a film lover’s fantasy come true. Running from October 22 – 25 this film and food festival will be drawing to a close this evening at The Royal Cinema located in Little Italy.

“It always seemed that there was a good connection connected to food, “ says television producer and co-founder of Eatable Film Festival Rachel Lowe. “When you work in television you don’t get to eat the food. The whole point of Eatable is that you do get to eat the food.”

Last year Lowe wanted to test the appetite for a festival that bridged the worlds of film and food in Toronto, and the result was overwhelmingly positive.  Eatable gives you the experience you’ve been craving for. It encourages you to engage with your food, have conversations about it, and connect with other people.

When you walk into the cinema you are given a choice of two drinks and an appetizer inspired by the film. I watched the classic and chef’s favourite Big Night starring Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub, and Minnie Driver. Pizzeria Libretto’s Chef Rocco Agostino prepared a house-made mortadella dog on a focaccia bun dressed with mostarda and sweet crushed pistachios all influence by the character Primo’s line, “What-what do they call it…hot dog!”

After the show the audience was treated to a complementary post-show cocktail that wished us all health, prosperity and happiness. VIP ticket holders moved on to a decadent 4-course meal, again delving deeper into the movie-going and eating experience.

Tonight the festival will close with the premier of the Dutch documentary film Portrait of a Garden, an entrancing film about a master and protégé set against the backdrop of a walled garden. The screening will open with a premier of Season 3 of In the Weeds, a digital show about foraging and will wrap with a Q&A session with Canoe restaurant’s Executive Chef John Horne.

Lowe has plans to expand this festival throughout the year by partnering with Hot Docs and others, so visit their website often to stay in the loop.

There’s still some time left to experience this fully immersive event and enjoy a discount, too, with the code EATMORE. Buy your tickets to eatable here.


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