With five 2017 CCMA nominations Dean Brody is making headlines, and not just for his music. He’s always been a strong proponent of home grown talent and headlining the Budweiser stage on August 24 is a testament to his own local (Canadian) strong following. As the first Canadian country music artist to headline the venue based on his domestic success, he’s proving that loyal fans, great song writing and determination can take far. To celebrate this milestone the concert will also feature Carly Pearce and Tim Hicks along with some surprise guests (the office pool is open as to whom).

We caught up with the Canadian country sensation on route to Toronto.

TheSceneinTo: Where does your inspiration for music come from? Do you lock yourself up until the ideas flow or is there a method you work through?

Brody: I pull from my own experience, but I’m also fascinated and inspired by others. Sometimes I’ll try and tell someone else’s story. For me, creative Inspiration dies if I force it too much.

TheSceneinTo: How did you get started on this journey?

Brody: I wanted be a songwriter, it’s why I moved to Nashville, but my love for writing morphed into a love of performing the songs I’d written- so the stage was a natural transition.

TheSceneinTo: Touring now, what’s the one thing you wished someone had told you while starting out? Any life lessons from the road?

Brody: Get the advice of an impartial music attorney before signing anything! They’re worth every dollar you’ll spend on one. And, learn to write your own songs, it can give you more opportunities than if you’re reliant on outside material. And, your fans will appreciate that it’s your words and experience they’re hearing in the song.

TheSceneinTo: What’s next on your to-do list?

Brody: Another album!

TheSceneinTo: What’s the one festival you’ve always wanted to perform at?

Brody: George St. In St. John’s. I’ve heard it’s an epic place to play, and I love Newfoundland.

Before you need to buy tickets to the George St festival next August long, make sure you see Brody at the Budweiser stage. Tickets available through Ticketmaster

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