Culinary Cultural Immersion: A Foodie-Forward Travel Trend

Foodie Travel Trend: Culinary Cultural Immersion, Indigenous Epicurean Adventure for 'Victual Vacationers' Peppers pavan-trikutam-7741

Indigenous epicurean adventure escalates among ‘victual vacationers’

Whether for adventure travel or more relaxing respites, travelers are increasingly seeking regionally-authentic itineraries that offer an intimate view of local cultures. In fact, reports show the trend of being “connoisseurs of local culture” will boom in 2017. Indigenous tourism and cultural immersion experiences—especially those with culinary components—are red hot. For culturally and culinary-minded meanderers, food tourism has evolved into a mission critical travel consideration.

Interestingly, this foodie-driven travel trend is being bolstered by the private villa vacation sector, specifically, with many such residences surpassing leading luxe resorts relative to authentic epicurean experiences in addition to accommodations and amenities. Today’s bespoke breed of private villa vacation rentals have become the ultimate “victual vacation” indulgence for leisure and business travelers, alike.

Foodie Travel Trend: Culinary Cultural Immersion, Indigenous Epicurean Adventure for 'Victual Vacationers' Patio with Wine Casa Dos Cisnes 2010 - 2017

Private patio at Casa Dos Cisnes

One private villa exemplifying this experience is Casa Dos Cisnes—Puerto Vallarta’s foremost premier private oceanfront villa. This 10,000 square foot property, a five-bedroom colonial style home with breathtaking views of the Pacific, goes over-and-above to ensure each gastro-guest’s needs, desires and expectations for an extraordinary, foodie-forward vacation are fulfilled. This includes custom gourmet meals prepared on-site by a dedicated 5-star private chef specializing in Mexican-contemporary cuisine, served in an elegant separate dining room that seats up to 12. Your private gourmet chef also prepares what the villa calls a “Magical Mexican Fiesta”—a lively evening of regional food, cocktails and Mexican musicians entertaining at the property. This is available to guests in addition to three full meals a day plus snack and happy hour service, which can be served in the dining room or the separate dining terraces at the main and pool levels.

But the baroque benefits of Casa Dos Cisnes far exceed these epicurean exploits, as its bevy of other premium amenities—availed in an authentic and stylishly-appointed residential setting—include 24/7 bilingual butler service and multiple staff, monitored security, housecleaning services, private infinity-edge ocean view pool, fully equipped state-of-the-art gym, large media-entertainment room, concierge and spa service, musicians for hire, sports and boating excursions, VIP treatment at the city’s leading beach club and most renowned restaurants, and more.  Given that guests enjoy complete privacy and security in the most exclusive residential area in Puerto Vallarta, commandeering the entire 10,000 square foot space with all of the relaxation, solitude and discretion that affords, the result is a remarkable culinary and luxury living vacation experience.

Foodie Travel Trend: Culinary Cultural Immersion, Indigenous Epicurean Adventure for 'Victual Vacationers' Chef Casa Dos Cisnes 2010 - 2017

While gourmet private chef-prepared meals, maximized privacy and security, uber-tailored guest services and 5-star accommodations and amenities are chief reasons the trend toward private villa lodging is exploding, an elite few like Casa Dos Cisnes have offerings far beyond that don’t just rival, but far exceed, those offered by high-end resorts—including those elite Penthouse suites. Private villa residences offering first class, one-of-a-kind services are ushering in an entirely new era of bespoke hospitality around the globe. They are, in fact, single-handedly setting a new and decidedly elevated standard for luxe travel worldwide.

With the world economy poised to regain momentum and the penchant among consumers to spend on experiences like travel and gourmet food and wine rather than goods like clothes and accessories, the future is tasty for the hospitality trade.


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