With a passion for entertaining from a young age, Sonny Mackenzi is working it with a new single, touring with O-Town and building fans each step of the way. For the rising pop-singer/writer from Colorado, music has always played an influential part in her life and a passion that drove her from modeling to center stage.

Her new single, “Rewind” she describes as “very autobiographical,” noting “it’s very fun and dancey, and it’s got a really positive message regarding self-love, moving forward, and being true to who you are.” Finding her own motivation from Spice Girls to Rihanna, a big part of Sonny’s message is empowering her girl fans and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

We caught up with Sonny ahead of her Toronto debut with O-Town at the Mod Club, for which tickets are still available here.

TheSceneInTo: Why give up a successful modeling career to enter music? Both are highly competitive industries and hard to break into.

Sonny: That’s a great question. I got into modeling at a pretty young age, mostly because my big sisters were models and I really looked up to them. I definitely had some great experiences and got amazing opportunities through it that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Still, I never developed a passion for modeling, whereas singing has been my thing since I was literally three-years-old. As soon I started pursuing my music career I knew I wanted to give 110% of myself to it, so that’s what I did. It’s been rewarding in such a magical way. Like I’m really doing the stuff I dreamed of doing as a little girl, and I’ve never been happier.


TheSceneInTo: What do you contribute to your success? You’re obviously living your dream right now, what inspiration would you provide to others?

Sonny: The most important thing I have that has gotten me to the level I’m at today is my team. I had no idea about the inner workings of this type of career until I was in it, and I was completely blown away by how insane this life can get. If the people around me aren’t on point, then I’m not on point, and that can and will make the difference between success and failure. Each person has their job and their purpose, and I’m really just the face of a lot of amazing and wonderful geniuses who believe in me and are willing to go the distance. I hope my story will inspire anyone wanting to pursue this type of career to stay true to themselves, never give up, and build their own little tribe of amazing people who have their same vision and their best interest at heart. With that combination, anything is possible.


TheSceneInTo: Where does your inspiration for music come from? Do you lock yourself up until the ideas flow or is there a method you work through?

Sonny: My inspiration comes from everyday life. I’ll usually just be hanging out and someone will say something cool, or something crazy will happen, and I’ll grab my phone and make a note of it. I like being a storyteller, and I like being real with my audience. I find that the more genuine I am, the better the response is.


TheSceneInTo: Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Sonny: I’m having an obsession with Rihanna right now, and I love Flume, the Chainsmokers, and I’ve got The Weekend on repeat. I also love Birdy, The Riggs, Mr and Ms, and Kodaline. Sigh.

 Sonny Mackenzi_3

TheSceneInTo: Having the opportunity to tour with O-Town is a great break. What’s it like touring with the guys? Have they imparted any lessons from the road to you?

Sonny: Yeah, I’m incredibly excited and blessed to be on this tour with them. I definitely did a happy dance when I found out I was going! The guys are great and their energy is contagious. They’re pretty hilarious so there’s been a lot of laughing backstage, and their live show is AMAZING, but what impresses me most about them is their appreciation and dedication towards their fans. I picked up on that right away, and it made me love them even more. They haven’t actually given me any verbal advice about being on the road, but I did pick something up from them after arriving at our first venue that helped me relax a little bit. This is my first tour and it’s been pretty hectic on my end. We had to drive 14 hours straight to the first location in Vienna VA, and I had a bunch of stuff to do along the way, press, interviews, etc, and by the time we got to sound check we (my team and I) hadn’t slept, showered, or eaten! When O-Town got to the venue, their story was similar. They hadn’t even had a chance to pick out what they were wearing on stage yet. That made me feel better, like okay this is normal—touring is just naturally crazy, we’re all going to be okay!!


TheSceneInTo: What’s next on your to-do list? Any artist you’ve wanted to collaborate with?

Sonny: I am so down to collab with any great artist doing great things. There is so much talent in the world, it’s incredible. I guess currently I’ve had my eye on Flume or The Chainsmokers, and it would be WILD to do a duet with Chance the Rapper.

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Catch Sonny as she tours with O-Town and make sure to download her EPs via iTunes.

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