Toronto’s theatre scene is about to witness a powerful world premiere that delves into the unsung chapters of Canadian history. “Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall,” a play written by the talented Audrey Dwyer, debuts at Tarragon Theatre’s Mainspace until June 9, 2024.

“Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall” takes audiences on a mesmerizing journey through the life of John “Daddy” Hall, a remarkable man of Jamaican and Mohawk descent born in Canada. Hall’s life story includes extraordinary experiences such as participating in the War of 1812, escaping slavery, and living as a freeman in Upper Canada. This poetic and musical performance is not just a retelling of historical events but a profound reflection on legacy and identity.

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The production features an all-star cast, including Daren A. Herbert (from CBC’s “Pretty Hard Cases”) and Brandon Oakes (from CBC’s “Diggstown”), who bring John Hall’s narrative to vivid life. With original compositions and sound design by Spy Dénommé-Welch and Catherine Magowan of Unsettled Scores, the play promises to be a feast for both the ears and the heart.

Artistic Director Mike Payette expresses his excitement about the premiere: “I have been honoured to journey with Audrey on this historical piece of a life lived and a story rarely told. Against our current backdrop of division and fear, the making of ‘Come Home’ celebrates the unyielding power of coming together, our collective desire to survive and our hope to leave behind a legacy for generations to come.”

The storyline of “Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall” centers around John Hall’s confrontation with his ancestors, prompting him to revisit the pivotal moments of his life. As Hall relives his past as a husband, father, son, war scout, and freedom fighter, he faces a poignant decision: to continue living as the oldest man or to serve in the Unknown. This narrative, based on true events, explores themes of love, legacy, and the afterlife, urging audiences to ponder where we come from and where we’re headed.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this compelling production. Single tickets are priced between $15 and $65 and can be purchased online at Tarragon Theatre or by calling 416-531-1827. Discounts are available for students, groups, and arts workers. Rush tickets are available for $25, starting three hours before the performance.

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Read the audience guide here to get further information, some audio clips and a timeline of Daddy Hall.

Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare to be moved by a story of resilience, history, and the enduring power of legacy with “Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall.”

Cover photo: Daren A. Herbert & Emerjade Simms with Nicole Joy-Fraser & Brandon Oakes in Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall – Tarragon Theatre 2024 – Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

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