Coconut butter can be great for your hair and skin

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Q: I have dry, fine hair. What can I use that will soften without weighing it down?

A: Girl (or boy), I feel you – I have the same problem. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with hair and have tried a number of different products over the years. I even convinced my mom to let me get a perm once. Thank God that was before the days of Facebook and Instagram as I would never live it down today. The two things I have found to work best are leave in conditioner and coconut butter. That’s right, I said coconut butter. I read a lot about the topical benefits and decided to pick up a jar while grocery shopping and haven’t turned back! After spritzing my hair with a leave in conditioner, I head to my kitchen (the bathroom is too warm to store your jar) and run a dime sized portion through my damp hair before drying. I use some again when I am done doing my thing with a curling iron. My hair is soft, smells great and isn’t greasy in the slightest.

The best part is that the jar will last you up to two years and you can double it as a skin moisturizer. My only caution would be if you plan on cooking with said coconut butter, best to get another jar for you know, sanitary reasons.

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