Shop Prop: DSW Canada

It's shoes galore in the shoe lover's Heaven that is DSW Canada. It's like a Mecca for footwear.
Fresh Canteen Seared, flat-iron steak with wasabi potatoes, parsley, garlic butter and apple salsa

Shop Prop: Fresh Canteen

First and perhaps most important thought? Ordering from Fresh Canteen is very simple and the food is really quite good.
Chocolate Delights, Chowbella Food Tours

Scene & Heard: Chowbella Food Tours

Explore some of Toronto’s culinary gems with Chowbella Trina Hendry’s Chowbella Food Tours are a wonderful way to explore some of Toronto’s culinary gems. Her intimate tours offer participants an in-depth, ...

Shop Prop: Chi Junky

Toronto welcomes its first wellness concierge and private yoga studio Chi Junky is Zen from beginning to end. Stepping in to Chi Junky and experiencing its calming atmosphere brightens the weary and is a...
Fuzz Wax Bar

Shop Prop: Fuzz Wax Bar moves to the Annex

Expect a good, clean, refreshing wax experience at Fuzz Wax Bar. Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven-Rossavik, the ladies of Fuzz Wax Bar have done it again. They’ve expanded their business and opened a new...