Canada’s Walk Of Fame – Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert! Everyone listed as an inductee received their star :). In fact, the stars are signed outside on the red carpet and revealed to the fans outside before the show begins. Read on for more from the filming to air on Global on Thursday, December 17 at 8pm ET/PT.

The 2015 Canada’s Walk of Fame Inductees are:
Michael Bublé, Musician
Don Cherry and Ron MacLean, Hockey Broadcasters, Coach’s Corner
Wendy Crewson, Actor
Lorne Greene, Actor (Cineplex Legends Inductee)
Lawrence Hill, Author
Silken Laumann, Athlete

Jason Priestley opened the night with humour and continued to throw in some good jokes throughout. The best was when he would make and error and need to re-shoot. Each time he would apologize and say he could do better. This became a joke in Michael’s acceptance speech so I’m hopeful they will at least leave one in for the broadcast.

The best induction speech of the night goes to Rex Murphy for Don Cherry and Ron MacLean and the best acceptance speech is a tie between Ron MacLEan and Michael Buble.

You’ll notice the screaming of girls in the telecast, but you needed to be there live to appreciate just how loud that Shawn Mendes applause was.

What did the inductees have to have say about The 2015 Canada’s Walk of Fame?
Michael Bublé, Musician “There are so many great inductees tonight, it’s an honour to be among them and to be recognized.”
Don Cherry and Ron MacLean, Hockey Broadcasters, Coach’s Corner “31 years of recognition is something great. It means more because we share it as a team.”
Wendy Crewson, Actor “How crazy is this? I never even considered this, there are so many impressive people that it’s humbling to be here”
Lawrence Hill, Author “It’s an honour, not that many writers are in the walk of fame, traditionally writing hasn’t be associated with celebrity, so this great to be in this group that is getting recognition in Canada and around the world”

Since 1998, Canada’s Walk of Fame annually honours individuals for their achievements in various fields, including music, sports, film and television, literary, visual and performing arts, science, innovation, philanthropy and social justice. Candidates must have been born in or spent their creative or formative years in Canada. A minimum of 10 successful years is required to qualify, as well as a recognized body of work that has had a significant influence on our cultural heritage.

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