Toronto-based artist p_tap released the first single “That’s What’s Up” off his forthcoming album, Blackmoss just before the holidays. An 8-month project in the making, Blackmoss was written and produced by p_tap and co-produced by Jay Lemak.


“That’s What’s Up” — incorporates a combination of live instrument and MIDI to create a peculiar atmosphere; that which resembles a distorted reality. A guitar chord plays out in repetition, while layers of sound gradually build upon one another. Bass, percussion, a whirling drum machine and a myriad of low-fi recording effects work in conjunction with another. P_tap’s vocals continuously call out like a hypnotic mantra, pulling listeners further into the depths of this experimental record.

Ahead of the Performance at One Loft, for which tickets are on sale now, we managed to catchup with P_tap and ask some questions.

Moving from a bass player to DJ is a change, what inspired that change?

DJ first, well before I first touched the bass but when that happened I was hooked. That’s when I dipped into real jam sessions, artists I would never have known, that’s when I truly started writing. Guitars, bass, keys, mic, drums — whatever, just grab it and make some noise, trust me you’ll feel better afterwards.

Having lived and played in the UK how has that scene influenced your music style?

I mean, I knew I always loved chasing a dance, but I never really understood that until I was far away and smacked with “How much do I really love this? Do I truly believe in whatever the fuck I think this is?”  type moments. Looking back, Bristol and the UK showed me to stand up and just play. It ultimately showed me who I was as a person and reflect on shedding negativity that I carried unnecessarily. Being completely submerged, trying to gig as much as possible just to keep things going. It’s crazy looking back, wow! The UK was incredibly unique and special for me. That’s gotta have something to do with my style right? Hahaha, I don’t really know actually, but thank you for The Smiths!!!

Would you say the electronic music scene has blended across the world, or do you still find distinct differences in style, sound and performance?

Globally recognized absolutely… but ya there’s a whole spectrum of what can be made electronically. Any artist that takes their sound seriously will stand out and catch ears. Without a doubt landscape, regions and cultures have a certified sound, vibe and feeling respecting their supporters, cities, countries and people proudly! So much good in electronic music!

Canada is such a hotbed of talent, what do you think makes Canadian talent stand out?

Do we stand out though? First off big ups to Canada and gimme a break Toronto is a world class city, with boat loads of talent, but I feel if you are an artist and do not look outside the box, and work with the full supporting cast, we won’t really have anything to make us strong and connected. We won’t have anything outside what is already heavily sponsored or branded. That’s why we all know each other!!! Let’s all work together now and finish it up, right!

What’s the one festival you’ve always wanted to perform at?

Detroooooit’s Movement!!!!!! That place, that sound, the artists, the people, not to forget how many beasts of all kinds of music came from that gold mine so close to us… without a question! There are obviously many others, but as far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted that one. I fell in love with the dance because of the sound and attitude of Detroit. Big ups to Jeffy and of course UR, as legit as it gets for me!

Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Ty Segall and Koze. I’m all in with those guys! Also, big homie Greg Gow (Restructured Recordings) has some guaranteed spice coming! My family, Platform Entertainment of course… and lookout, Andy Cue’s Intake Music will be on the radar this year. In the meantime, I’m gonna carry on looking for inspiration to create while listening to music that grabs me.

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