When you’re in a new city, you must re-establish the details of your everyday routine, as well as your general lifestyle. You have to find a new cafe that makes an outstanding morning latte, hip late night haunts, a jogging route that fits your level of fitness and a brand new friend base. It can be difficult to find like-minded individuals in a new city and establish continual comity. Here are a list of the most effective, time-tested techniques that will help you find friends, as well as some new, Internet-based methods of comrade connection:


Use your free time for neighborhood walks, so you may happen upon parks, cafes, restaurants and shops that suit your style. Once you’ve established your new favorite neighborhood haunts, frequent these places often. It is likely you’ll notice other regular patrons, who are also attracted to the establishment for some of the same reasons. Like in the animal kingdom, similar types herd together and will visit the same watering hole. Initiate conversation with the regulars you notice and you’re likely to find some individuals with mutual interests.

Recreational Clubs

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, die-hard runner, fierce fencer or tennis enthusiast, it’s likely your city has a recreational club for your specific sports interests. These types of clubs can provide you with a great social network and an atmosphere that will support your fitness goals. Road Runners Club of America helps runners throughout the U.S. connect with one another and offer a variety of running clubs that range from beginner to competitive. If there isn’t a RRCA club in your town, the organization will help you start one in your community. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has a program that pairs you with tennis partners who live in your area and are of a similar skill level. The organization hosts many team tennis lessons and regular tournaments for its members.


Concerts, art walks and festivals provide a lively and social environment, where nearly all who attend are open and excited for new interactions. The mobile app, Nearify, advertises upcoming events near you — festivals, concerts, parties, theater shows, art events, fitness competitions and sporting events — through a compact and concise display. While events provide ample opportunity to meet many faces, make sure you stay safe. Protect your valuables to avoid pick-pocketing when you are in a large crowd and use safe ATM practices to lower the risk of identity theft.


If you are a dog owner, discover your nearest dog park, as it is the perfect place for you and your furry friend to socialize with others. Make sure you know the general and specific rules of the dog park you visit, so you don’t offend any of the other visitors. Set up a doggy-date for your pup and a new friend with the social app, Meet My Dog. Meet My Dog is a private, social network for you and your dog, which allows owners to discover and connect with other dog owners. You can share photos, meet nearby dogs and engage in live chat with other members. Additional dog-friendly social apps are Sniffr and Doggy Datez.


Meetup is a social networking portal where users can connect on the Internet and meet up in real life. Meetup’s precept is “neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something.” There are hundreds of different groups, which cover a variety of unique activities and quirky interests, including: hiking, cinema, PhotoShop users, long distance walking, craft cocktails, learning computer code, young professionals, political campaigns and creative writing. You can join a pre-existing group or start your own specialized group and facilitate an offline meetup.

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