Every year when World MasterCard Fashion Week rolls around, David Peaucult Square turns into a bit of a circus. The big top goes up, only instead of walking a tightrope, models walk the runway. Last week was no different when some of Canada’s top designers gathered to dazzle and delight the crowd with their Fall / Winter collections. I wasn’t able to attend everything, but here is the first half of a two part series detailing the highs and lows of the greatest show on Earth (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get it).

Stephan Caras

Models were sent down the runway with larger than life ballerina buns and red lips. The collection began in true 80’s fashion with houndstooth suiting and big shoulders. Gears shifted once the ethereal white gowns came gliding down the runway. It was an interesting mix to say the least, but you can’t deny that Caras wanted to appeal to a variety of women and lifestyles.

Caitlin Power

Sitting in the studio is always tough for a short gal like myself because it is hard to see each look head to toe. However, the makeup and hair was spot on for showcasing the sleek and futuristic looks Power sent down the runway. With modern lapels, buttoned up collars, and metallic suiting, it was clear that Power was channeling out of this world menswear.


As a former winner of Project Runway, Sunny Fong has a leg up on most designers starting out. His F/W collection was an eclectic mix of navy and black, with some white embroidery and olive threw in for good measure. There were accents of leather used throughout and it was even used to create a moose cutout on a few sweaters (charming for sure). One of my favourite looks of the week was the beige coat / cape which I foresee being a big trend in the upcoming F / W season.


Normally, Rudsak falls flat for me, but I was pleasantly surprised this season. The first half of the show featured slick motorcycle jackets, skirts and great side bags. These looks felt fresh and would work perfectly with a pair of jeans. The second half of the show was your typical puffer jackets with gigantic fur accents. While I am sure these will keep you warm in the winter, I have to say your peripheral vision will suffer when wearing the hood.

Joe Fresh

As Joe Fresh expands into the States, it is interesting to watch how the collections evolve. Usually splattered with colour, Joe took a turn for the dark side this year featuring almost exclusively black and white (even the models sported cropped black wigs). This runway collection was actually more wearable than season’s past, I can only assume to appeal to the growing legions of Joe fans.

Tune in later this week for the rest of the low down on the spectacular spectacle that is Toronto Fashion Week.

Photographed by Melonie de Guzman for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway & Paul Ross for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway

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