In the Bag: Northern Beard Co’s Beard Oil

In the Bag: Northern Beard Company Beard Oil

Northern Beard Oil. Because the tough doesn’t have to be rough

For the past couple of years I decided to let my beard grow out Bautista style, and as much as I’ve enjoyed the process, I noticed a few things happening that I hadn’t anticipated beforehand. For one, the skin under my beard became a little flaky, and the hair itself actually started developing split ends—I didn’t even know that was possible. Also, no one seems to appreciate my fine beard but me, but well, that really can’t be helped I suppose. To that end, I decided it was time to try using something to better care for my facial hair, and who knows, perhaps the ladies in my life will stop hounding me about it.

The kind folks at the Northern Beard Company were generous enough to provide some samples of their beard oil products, which I’ve used faithfully for the past several weeks. Their products are unique in that they are composed of seven different carrier oils, in addition to the individual oils used to create their scents where most other companies use 2-3. After about a week, my skin became decidedly less flaky and it’s evident it’s being moisturized far more effectively. The split ends in the beard itself feels and looks healthier.

The beard oils come in three different scents: Alert – a calm eucalyptus mint; Superior Citrus – a refreshing blend of lemon, orange, lime and tangerine oils; and my favourite, the Boreal Blend allows my beard to smell like a freshly trod forest. For those of you who want or need to go scent free, they’ve got you covered there too, allowing you look fresh and feel maintained without disturbance to your olfactory nerves.

Final verdict? I’d love to say that the ladies finally love it, but that’s still not quite the case. Either way, the beard oil is staying, and I’ve learned that it’s a necessity for keeping my skin and facial hair healthy and moisturized.

You can purchase Northern Beard Company products online at Northern Beard Company  or in store at Men Essentials and Urban Outfitters.

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