Los Cabos International Film Festival

Los Cabos really is #UNSTOPPABLE

Los Cabos International Film Festival triumphs after ruinous hurricane Los Cabos won't be stopped It’s a real testament to the determination of the people of Los Cabos that they were able to...
5 Gorgeous Destinations for Winter Adventures

5 Destinations for Winter Adventure

There's no reason to postpone your next vacation until the weather warms up again – some of the most remarkable experiences on the planet involve packing a couple extra layers. “There are plenty of...
Los Cabos Film Festival is UNSTOPPABLE

#UNSTOPPABLE: Los Cabos Film Festival

The people of Los Cabos decided that nothing was going to stop them from hosting their festival, not even a major hurricane. TheSceneinTO is proud to be part of the strong Canadian presence at the 3rd...
Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

The waters at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain are absolute luxury. There are few things that compare to enjoying the blissful tranquility of nature while being enveloped in the warmth of a hot bath. Even...
Meditation Monk. Silence is golden.

Meditation: Silence is Golden

Have you ever fantasized about completely escaping the noise of the city and having no access to any distractions—books, writing materials, television, computers, cell phones? Have you ever wanted the noise to stop so you could just hear your own voice? Maybe you think that to achieve this you would have to travel to Nepal or Tibet? Well, look no further becuase your silent retreat can be found right here in Egbert, Ontario. You will hear nothing but silence (besides the trees rustling and birds singing). Find this at the Vipassana Meditation Centre.