Andrew Musselman, Tony Nappo and John Koensgen in BUTCHER

Theatre Review: Butcher

Canadian playwright Nicolas Billon is a powerful writer and his mastery is certainly on display in his graphic play Butcher, currently being staged at the Panasonic Theatre as part of the Off-Mirvish series.
The cast of Seminar. Photo by Dylan Hewlett

Seminar – A Play on Being a Writer

So you want to be a writer? It’s best to sit back and watch four writers struggle on stage for your enjoyment before you make any decisions. The play focuses on four Millennial writers; Martin (Nathan Howe) who...
Panasonic Theatre, Mirvish. Toronto,

Julie Madly Deeply and The Boy With Tape On His Face

Mirvish has promised to bring Toronto audiences the very best of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and with this, their inaugural year, they feature two shows,  Julie Madly Deeply and The Boy With Tape On His Face...
Nancy Beatty, Julie Stewart, Eric Peterson and Michael Healey in Dead Metaphor. Photo Credit: Cylla von Tiedemann
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Theatre Review: Mirvish’s Dead Metaphor

Dean returns home from the war in Afghanistan, only to discover that his remarkable military skills don’t get him very far in the working world. He readjusts to non-bunker life by moving in with his increasingly agitated parents and pregnant ex-wife, then reluctantly takes the only job he can get.