The Little Mermaid, The LOT, Photo: Seanna Kennedy

inTO: The Little Mermaid Jr

The Lower Ossington Theatre makes a splash with an enjoyable production of The Little Mermaid Jr. The Little Mermaid Jr. is a thoroughly...
Where oh where, oh where is shadow?

Fringe benefits for the inner child

Children’s theatre is often dismissed as a frivolous art form with no real profundity or significance beyond the spectacle.  Ton O’ Fun...
OSC - Dementor(TM) Descends on Harry Potter(TM)

Dementor™ descends on Harry Potter™: The Exhibition at Ontario Science Centre

Whether or not you’ve ventured out to the Ontario Science Centre to see the new Harry Potter Exhibit, you’ll want to get out there soon. You’ve wondered where they were (and perhaps hoped they would stay away), but just in time to haunt you until the exhibition’s leave-taking comes the dreaded Dementor. Hovering three metres tall and shrouded by an inky black cloak, the vile creature has been added to the Dark Forces area of Harry Potter: The Exhibition.