What is a detox?

So, what exactly is a detox?

So you want to eat clean and live clean to be the best and healthiest you possible? Dr. Andra Campitelli answers that lingering question, "what exactly is a detox?" Enjoy this quick guide to detoxing.
Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

The waters at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain are absolute luxury. There are few things that compare to enjoying the blissful tranquility of nature while being enveloped in the warmth of a hot bath. Even fewer...

Detox Diaries: The Final Chapter

This lovely Toronto spring weather brings with it a bombardment of targeted emails, Facebook ads, and general advertising touting: ‘What to eat to feel better, boost fat burn and help prevent illness thi...

Pür-ly Refreshing! Pür Gum

Toronto-based Action Candy Co. has made living an all-natural and healthy lifestyle one step easier with the launch of Pür, the better-for-you gum.  What sets Pür gum apart from the rest of the pack? It is m...

The Detox Diaries Days 6-8: The Weekend

I am eating Oatmeal now every morning: I throw in some almonds, sprinkle some cinnamon and ginger on top and toss the bowl in the microwave. Like many people, I have never been a breakfast eater: I feel nauseou...