Lucas Brothers JFL42 Toronto

The Lucas Brothers Are Sleepy

Twins Keith and Kenny Lucas are the monotonous duo that make up the Lucas Brothers comedy act. After their JFL42 show on Saturday the song “I Get High” played on repeat in my head—not because they played it, but I felt that I was living that video.
Bill Burr JFL42 Toronto

Bill Burr is Just Not That Funny

Bill Burr’s standup routine for JFL42 took place in a full house at the Sony Centre. Burr put on a show that started off strong with some accurate jabs at Canada and Toronto with many spot-on truths about our appearance of unity and kindness.
Guys We Fucked. JFL42 Toronto

Guys We Fucked Leaves Us Wanting More

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson make up the comedic duo that is Guys We Fucked. While their gig Guys We Fucked: the anti-slut shaming comedy podcast is a hit, their live show for JFL42 Toronto was an unfortunate miss.

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