An experience in ZEN

One sunny Saturday afternoon last October, my family and some good friends were strolling along the neighbourhood for the first annual Mt....
Teen Deck by Boom Boom Cards

Gift Ideas For: Teens

DIFFERENCE MAKER. Boom Boom Cards - Teen Edition. $12.00.Ecoexistence, 21 Vaughan Rd., 416-652-0808Join the Boom Boom! Revolution and change...
Miller Goodman Playshapes Wooden Box Set - Faces

Gift Ideas For: Children

PlayShapes is a unique modular set of 74 wooden geometric shapes which you can arrange or stack to make hundreds of 3D creations, such as animals, people, vehicles, buildings and much more. It is truly a gift that will continue to evolve with your child. Beautifully crafted from environmentally-friendly, durable rubberwood, the shapes feel soft in your hand and the flashes of colour add a modern accent. The set of shapes come in a printed, unbleached cotton drawstring bag along with a set of instructive illustrations.
Baby Dreamzzz Chef

Gift Ideas For: Babies

Gift Ideas for Babies: View our top picks for baby gifts for the 2010 holiday season. HAPPY-GO-DUCKY. Floating Ducks by Kid O. $15.00. Up to You, 1483 Queen St. E., 416-778-6487 The original rubber ducky gets a stylish makeover with Kid O’s graceful Floating Ducks duo. The duckling nestles neatly into the mother duck’s back and they float (and when placed on a flat surface, rock) together as one. Perfect for both bath and playtime!