Velvet Haney The Mousehouse Years Book Launch

Velvet Haney’s Memoir, The Mousehouse Years

Former model, Velvet Haney, released The Mousehouse Years, a memoir of her childhood with her five siblings in the care of their mostly single mother and with the larger than life looming presence of their father.
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For the love of a good book (er, reader)

Anyone who has become lost in a good book, so much so that you simply forget all about your surroundings--because you are in the book's world, this video is for you. ...
Reading Books

Spread the Love of Reading with the Kobo Mini eReader

Now, being from the school of literature where the things we read were actual books, we lugged around heavy books, loved the smell of books. Real books. Visit my house and you’ll find bookshelves full of all ge...
Al Purdy

EVENT: The Al Purdy Show

“So we built a house, my wife and I our house at a backwater puddle of a lake near Ameliasburg, Ont….”                                    Al Purdy                                                 From “In ...