There is a certain satisfaction in hanging out on a secluded, leafy patio that has the capacity to make us nostalgic for our childhood tree houses. It’s also arguably the best way to seek refuge from a blazing apartment or the baking sun. Grab a frosty pint and settle into any one of these top choices for relaxing in the shade.

The Dunn Right Inn (861 Queen St. West): The Dunn Right has something of a cult following of patrons who are attracted to its casual, slightly squalid persona. The gem of a patio in the back has large, no nonsense wooden booths, an unlevel stone floor and a canopy covering of enormous trees and multi coloured twinkle lights.

Ted’s Collision (573 College St): People love Ted’s not only because is it a gritty alternative to the martini bars on College Street, but because the patio is a tin roofed, graffiti garnished haven where decoration is limited to a modest centerpiece of a candle stuck into a wax streaked wine bottle on every table. Ted’s has a dive-y charm that few bars can pull off.

Three Speed (1163 Bloor St. West): This busy back patio is definitely one of the best in Bloordale. Spacious and clean with beautiful exposed brick, Three Speed is no dive bar, but a casual neighbourhood hotspot with a New York City vibe. They have amazing food and a picturesque pizza oven right on the patio!

Hair of the Dog (425 Church St): Originally a three floored steakhouse in the 1950’s, Hair of the Dog boasts a unique and picturesque space that is versatile enough for a first date, or dinner with the folks. It’s decked out with ancient Greek- inspired stone fountains and planters, and a pond, for just the right amount of elegance. There’s also a rooftop patio, but the one to the side of the restaurant is the one people rave about.

Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen St. West):  Inviting a low-key literary crowd, hanging out on this rooftop patio is sort of like hanging out on a cloud. On a nice day, the sun warmed wood benches serve as a mini oasis. Their extensive selection of local craft beers on tap and love-filled homemade food is an added bonus.

The Local (396 Roncesvalles Ave): This intimate backyard patio is a local haunt for many Roncy enthusiasts seeking local craft beer and nightly live music. Kept to a few small tables and wicker chairs, the cozy patio is surrounded by high, exposed brick walls covered in crawling vines. A varied crowd pours in here most nights, but it’s usually not too much trouble to find a spot.

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