Toronto welcomes its first wellness concierge and private yoga studio

Chi Junky Interior, Leslieville, Rachelle Wintzen

Chi Junky is Zen from beginning to end.

Stepping in to Chi Junky and experiencing its calming atmosphere brightens the weary and is a delight for your soul.

Rachelle Wintzen, the beautiful (inside and out) owner of Chi Junky welcomes you into her space as if she were inviting you into her home. She makes you feel as though she were giving you a little piece of herself in each meeting. Perhaps an argument can be made that she indeed does just that.

The idea for Chi Junky is not one that came to Wintzen overnight. A former dancer and later, New York City nightlife personality, she had to hit a wall before deciding to take her health into her own hands. After feeling “mentally wasted” she committed a year to radical detoxing and getting healthy. So good was it, that Wintzen decided that she would share with us, how we too could live a healthier life—mind, body and soul.

A trip to Chi Junky can encompass many things. With a team of naturopaths, massage therapists, nutritional counsellors, personal trainers and yoga instructors, you can create your own wellness plan (or have a member of the staff lay one out for you). You can have someone accompany you to the grocer with with a Supermarket Junky session, do a kitchen cleanse, have healthy home food deliveries and even order an in-home chef. The list of services are typically a la carte, so you’re not forced into anything and you can do things in steps as suits your needs.

Chi Junky Interior, Leslieville, Rachelle Wintzen

Walk through the door and you’ll walk out a Junky.

My private Yoga session with Rachelle was truly one of the best experiences I have had with the practice. We discussed my likes and dislikes, my goals and health issues beforehand and my class was spot-on perfect for me. I walked away feeling light hearted and less mentally drained. I felt that this was a person who got me and understood my needs. Since then, I have sung her praises to anyone who would listen.

In addition to private and semi-private, for $35, Chi Junky offers yoga instruction for groups of no more than four, which also includes complimentary yoga equipment and a delightful tea service.

Make an appointment and experience the space for yourself. I promise you will love it—your mind and body will too.

P.S, tell Rachelle I sent you.

Chi Junky is located in Leslieville. Find it at:

70 McGee Street
Toronto, ON
M4M 2K9

For more info and a full list of services please visit:

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    Annie Marie Peters

    Chi Junky is such a gorgeous space! It really does feel centering just being in the building. Personally, I think the pricing is excellent for the overall experience and personalized service. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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