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I was impressed with the politically charged “Everything Is Great Again” but this new production “Party Today, Panic Tomorrow” hits a strong accord especially with urban audiences. The jokes work well for anyone but the subtleties about living in a city are bang on; especially the real estate market and the spin class stereotypes.

This is the Second City 80th Mainstage Revue, something additional to be proud of. And to have two shows that include political satire and not be stale is quite a feat. The audience participation portions for this show were also well blended in. It’s always difficult to get people involved but the cast even managed to get an audience member on stage for the final skit where sometimes a good old dance-off can settle a lot of differences.

AnnPornel_BrandonHackett_NadineDJoury - AllanaReoch_ColinMunch Photo by Racheal McCaig

AnnPornel_BrandonHackett_NadineDJoury – AllanaReoch_ColinMunch Photo by Racheal McCaig

In general, I’m a big fan of live performances and comedy especially; you need a good laugh through the work week. The atmosphere of Second City is always welcoming regardless of age. Bring the grandparents, bring the parents and bring your new girlfriend/ boyfriend along, it will make for a great night out. And as long as you’re not too loud (they’ll call you out otherwise) it allows for some lively discussion during and post. I usually find we’ll linger discussing the skits and get in to light arguments of which ones were better executed or best interpreted our daily lives. Overall a great night out.

The cast returns veterans Brandon Hackett, Devon Hyland, Colin Munch and Ann Pornel from the previous show adding other Second City regulars Nadine Djoury and Allana Reoch. In this production there is a good mix of group and solo/duo performances which really allow the actors to shine and showcase their talents. You can discuss/ arm-wrestle with your friends on who has a better break-out performance.



Tues – Thur @ 8pm; Fri & Sat @ 7:30pm & 10pm; Sun @ 7:30pm

Tickets starting at $26

Available online at www.secondcity.com or The Second City box office at 416-343-0011


Directed by: Leslie Seiler

Assistant to the Director: Karen Parker

Stage Manager: Georgia Priestley-Brown

Musical Director: Lee Cohen

Set Designer: Camellia Koo

Stylist: Melanie McNeill

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