SculpSure Heats up the Body Contouring Scene

SculpSure for fat lossSculpSure, the premier light-based treatment for non-invasive fat reduction is a quick and easy way to eliminate stubborn problem areas

Ladies and gentlemen, you no longer have to cross the border to have your SculpSure nonsurgical body contouring treatments to help rid yourself of your most stubborn fat.

Haven’t heard of SculpSure yet? That’s understandable, it was only recently cleared for use in Canada. This non-invasive, 25-minute treatment uses heat-based technology to help eliminate unwanted fat, with no hassle and no downtime. The technology is the only system that uses light-based customizable wavelength lasers that precisely targets fat cells under the skin; the intensity of the heat destroys the selected fat cells. The system utilizes independent plates, allowing patients to choose where to place them, allowing for the elimination of several fatty spots in under half an hour.

With a thriving and vibrant cosmetic surgery practice in Toronto, Dr. Sean Rice was the first doctor in Canada to offer SculpSure. He knows that non-surgical contouring is becoming more desirable in the aesthetics market and wanted to be able to offer the service to his patients.

I got to experience SculpSure first hand; here are my experiences:

I have a few stubborn areas, but for my first go-round, I decided I would focus on what bothered me the most—my flanks. After setting up the four applicators across my lower abdomen, I went through a four-minute heating phase to start burning the fat.

Initially it felt like an iron on my stomach (minus the sizzle and burnt skin, naturally), but it was bearable because the process involves a hot/cold cycle throughout the duration of the treatment. In fact, as my body adjusted to the sensation, I was able to kick the heat up a notch. I found that overall it felt like the early stages of contractions—for those without children—I would liken it to mild stomach cramps. Remember that everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so my experience may not equal yours.

SculpSure non-invasive laser procedure for fat lossOnce at home, I continued to feel mild cramping for a few hours, but personally, this made me feel good, because it felt like it was working.

I was told that I should expect to see results within 6 weeks and optimal results within 12 weeks. Personally and without any change in diet or to my regular yoga routines, I observed noticeable changes as early as 4 weeks after treatment. Again, this may be unique to my experience.

Is SculpSure for you?

The treatment is great for men and women, SculpSure works on all skin types and is intended for patients who are healthy and in relatively good shape but struggling with stubborn fat in common trouble spots.

What bothers you? Lower back, under the bra-fat area, love handles, inner or outer thighs? SculpSure’s versatility offers physicians the ability to customize the treatment for each patient’s desired results.

Dr. Rice’s office is spotless and offers a feeling of zen. He offers a wide variety of treatments, so make sure to check out his website for a full list of services. As for SculpSure, it’s got my seal of approval and my final results were even better than expected.

Why SculpSure? Here’s what the experts say:

  • The world’s first non-invasive laser for body contouring that:
    • Disrupts fat cells below the skin by raising the temperature of body fat (42°C to 47°C)
    • Delivers controlled and targeted energy without harming the surrounding skin
    • The body naturally absorbs and removes damaged fat cells over time
  • Clinically tested in multi-site trials:
  • 24% reduction in stubborn fat [1]
    • Over 90% patient satisfaction rate [2]
    • Comfortable and well tolerated treatment [2]
    • 12 weeks for optimal results
  • SculpSure has 4 versatile non-suction applicators to target multiple areas during the same 25 minute treatment
  • Patients can resume daily activities immediately following treatment
  • Requires no post-treatment massage

In the USA or Canada? To find the nearest SculpSure clinic to you, please visit:

Single treatment of average reduction in fat volume as measured by MRI; Clinical and Histological Evaluations of a 1060nm Laser Device for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction – John W. Decorato, MD., F A C S. Rafael Sierra, Ph.D., Bo Chen, Ph.D., Westford, MA, 2014.
Canadian Community Health Survey, “Overweight and obese adults (self-reported), 2014”


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