Quick and Helpful Tips for Smartphone Photography

smartphone photography tips. Photo:  dayne-topkin-41179Documenting a great travel adventure is so important. The photos you take on a trip are cherished for a life time and keep your memories alive. There are so many reasons and benefits to using your smartphone for taking your travel photos: it doesn’t take up much space, it’s more light weight than camera gear, and you are more than likely bringing it along regardless. Nowadays the technology has improved so much that your camera phone is full of all the features that a point-and-shoot camera has.  You don’t need to be a photography guru to take great travel photos, just keep a few of these techniques in mind:

  1. smartphone photography sonnie-hiles-200800The grid feature: use this to frame your subject. Your primary focus should be placed in the middle three squares.
  2. Sun placement: The sun should be placed on your backside. To avoid squinty eyes, get your subject to close their eyes and count to three, open, and say cheese!
  3. Exposure: with a simple tap on the subject this will ensure the proper exposure and lighting adjustments on the screen.
  4. Shoot Horizontally (especially when taking videos): This will ensure you are optimizing the screen space, which is apparent when you transfer the video onto a computer or TV screen.
  5. Flash: Depending on the time of day or type of photo you may need to adjust your flash. If you are taking a photo at night or in a dark location the auto setting may not suffice. If your phone doesn’t have a front facing flash (important for selfies) you may want to consider a flashlight app.

For more tips on smartphone photography, check out the full article by our friends at ereplacementparts.com.

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