Electric Island seems to be ever expanding. A few years ago they moved locations to a larger venue on the island. The next year, they added food trucks – one of the best decisions ever made. And now, we’ve grown into a second stage to allow for more partying, more dancing and even more excitement on the Island.

***Note that May 22 Electric Island will be held at Woodbine Park due to the Island flooding***

Electric Island has also featured a slew of world class DJs from around the globe and always promoted local Toronto talent. This year is no exception as Night Vision takes the stage to usher in a new era of Electric Island revelry.

Tickets for the entire season are available now via www.electricisland.to

We spent some time with the duo ahead of this weekend’s opening celebrations as they just premiered their latest release ‘Fulkart’: http://earmilk.com/2017/05/04/night-vision-to-release-fulkart-on-bad-pony-records-exclusive/


TheSceneInTO: What brought the two of you together?

Night Vision: We played at Parlour since it first opened and we ended up on the same bill, so we would often play back to back. That turned out pretty well and we ended up playing together at different venues such at Footwork and Paaez. Eventually, we decided it made perfect sense for us to start a duo and see where it would lead us. Today, we’ve become great friends and share great respect for each other and I think that shows in the creative work that we do both in the studio and on the dance floor.

TheSceneInTO: You’ve had the opportunity to play in other cities, what’s the one thing you wished someone had told you while starting out? Any life lessons from the road?

  1. Your DJ fee will not pay your bills for a long time, so don’t even stress about that.
  2. Remember that you still have to come home at the end of each trip and get back on the grind.
  3. Don’t forget to come home…

TheSceneInTO: It’s amazing to see the amount of Canadian talent within the global music scene. What do you think makes Canadian talent stand out?

Night Vision: I don’t think we have as much of a hyped up scene like many other cities do, where everyone is competing to stay relevant. This allows artists to take the time to hone themselves, to be alone and to focus on their music. And we have a pretty solid local crowd that always supports their home-grown talent.

TheSceneInTO: What’s the one festival you’ve always wanted to perform at?

Night Vision: Tomorrowland! JK 🙂 — I would say Lightning in a Bottle, Dekmantel, or DGTL

TheSceneInTO: What’s next for you? Any upcoming collaborations? Festivals?

Night Vision: The Electric Island summer season starts this weekend and we’re really excited for that; it’s been getting better and better every year. We’re working more and more in the studio, creating the music that we love more than anything else.

Electric Island nights Photocred Ded Agency

Electric Island nights Photocred Ded Agency

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