Last year was legendary for Swedish house producer/DJ Marcus Schossow. After a nonstop year spent touring the world, releasing countless remixes for pop superstars such as Charli XCX and OneRepublic, and uniting those with a passion for true house music from corner of the globe the house music progenitor launched his brand-new radio show and record label, “Code Red”.

“Code Red is a place where i will put all my visions and dreams into reality.” Explains Schossow, “It’s a family affair, though some of us will be from Sweden, India, Australia, Italy, Brazil and so on. I believe we all need eachother, no matter where you are from or what your situation in life. Code Red is going to be the biggest house community on earth in a couple of years with the team we have today.”

Marcus Schossow launched a tour across the U.S. supported by fellow Swede and buzzing young talent Sebjak. The tour reaches Toronto on February 19th at RED and TheScene was able to spend some time with Marcus.

Q: As you have stuck to your genre of choice over the years, what do think of artists switching up their productions to cater to the current trend in dance music?

A: Well, you always have to be the trend if you wanna stay alive in this business. But you gotta tailor it to your own sound 🙂

Q: You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists recently and had some great success with the remixes. Whose next on the list for collaboration and who’s that dream artist you’ve always wanted to work with?

A: The next collab is with a awesome indie band from Sweden called “The STHLM Royalties”. We did a collab called lion heart, which is my next single! I’m also doing some stuff with the uber talented Norwegian house act YEARS and Matt Nash for my label Code Red. And of course some stuff with Sebjak as always, my brother in crime!

Q: Are there any DJs you’re looking to tour with this year? Any that have stood out to you in terms of their production?

A: I’m looking forward to tour with most of the Code Red artist over the next years. We’ve handpicked the hottest house kids out there and put them under one roof. Very interesting to see how they manage to develop!

Q: The radio show is a brand new venture, what made you want to take to the airways?

A: Well, we get so many cool songs that most djs don’t play… to be honest 99% play the same songs. And I’m not a big fan of that…. so I wanna play what I like instead 🙂

Q: Performing all over the world gives you some great insights into the scene. Where does Toronto fit in terms of the current EDM/ House music scene?

A: Toronto is one of the main hubs for electronic music. You have a great and healthy culture that is strongly connected with what’s going on in New York, Detroit and Chicago. So you get all of these cool influences. Plus the crowd is always wild in Toronto!

For more information on the upcoming tour, check out the event calendar for ticket information here.

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