Lifehacks: Moving to a New City with Your Partner

Your significant other lands a dream job in a new city and you’ve made the decision as a couple to seize the opportunity and move. What’s next?

It’s a significant step in your relationship with a lot of unknowns ahead. Moving, in and of itself, is already one of the top stresses for any individual. Add another layer of consideration for another human being, the most important one at that, and it can be extremely overwhelming. To make the transition as smooth as possible, here’s some advice and tips on moving to a new city with your partner.

Lifehacks: Moving to a new city. TheSceneinTO.  Studying Unsplash Alexis BrownOpen Communication

Make it a point to maintain open discussion and communication about the move, and each other’s feelings. This is quite possibly the most crucial step to this huge change in your life together. After the celebration for landing the dream job is over, and the decision has been made to move, speak openly to your partner about the excitement and any fears either of you may be feeling. Discussion topics should include the fact that you’re leaving friends or family behind, and the toll it could take on your emotional health. Research activities you’ll take part in, in the new community to help gain a sense of home. Also, talk about how your everyday routine will change—from finding a new coffee shop to becoming a regular at the new fitness studio you’ll join, to discovering the grocery store you’ll be frequenting in the future neighborhood. By discussing all the factors that will shift prior to the move, you and your partner can alleviate any anxiety from anticipating the unknown.

Finding a Job

Moving for your partner’s job indirectly means you will need to find a new job as well. There are many routes to take and aspects to consider when starting the job hunt in a different city. If you love your company now, see if there’s an office in your soon-to-be city to transfer in to, or if your position is digitally based, if you could continue to work with them remotely. Should that route not be an option, try tapping into the immediate network you’ve already established at your current job, and see if there are some connections the company may have with people in the new area you’re moving to. At the very least, start prepping and updating your resume as soon as you decide to make the move so that it’s ready to go and send out to potential employers. Aside from proactively jumping on the job search, try to budget for the chance that you may not land a job right away. Understanding that the in-between jobs stage can be very real with an unsure time frame, will help you preemptively manage your spending leading up to the move.

Row Houses UnsplashHouse Hunting

Locking down the career shift is one thing, locking down a new pad is another major task to undertake. First things first, do the research. Scope out the different neighborhoods in the city you’re moving to and find out which one fits best with your partner and your personalities and needs. For instance, if you have a dog together try looking for areas with dog friendly parks. Also consider the commute and transportation to and from work—it’s a daily requirement that will most definitely affect your housing decisions. Once you and your partner figure out what kind of place and area you’d ideally want, sift through different online apartment sites which list hundreds of options that can filter in your personal criteria. If you’re moving to the Big Apple for instance, there are thousands of apartments for rent in NYC, but the competition can be stiff so utilizing available resources and tools will give you a one-up on the house hunt.

Moving to a new city can be a very exciting time for you and your partner.  However, it’s no small change that’s about to happen. Keep your relationship strong during this huge transition in your life together by proactively discussing your wants and needs and how you’ll attain them in your future residence. It will be very beneficial and set you up for the biggest and best move with the one you love most.




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