How to purchase lingerie

Take the guess work out of purchasing lingerie for yourself, or as a gift.

How to buy lingerie for a woman
For a great many, if not most men, the thought of purchasing lingerie for their significant other is a frightening one. The pressure of wanting to find something absolutely perfect, beautiful and feminine that also fits, that she likes and that he likes, can be overwhelming. That coupled with the notion that everyone in the lingerie shop is watching their every move can make many men reach for the gift cards instead.

Buying lingerie for a woman is not actually that complicated. If a man knows his partner’s size and has a good impression of her style and taste, it is easy to shop for lingerie that will suit her body type and make her look and feel sensational.

Considerations when buying lingerie: size
When buying lingerie for a woman, the most important thing to know is her size. This is not the vague numbers found on blouses and jeans, but rather consists of two sizes: the bra size and the panty size. The bra size consists of two things: the number (or band size) is the measurement around the ribcage just below the bust, while the letter (or cup size) is the measurement around the fullest part of the bust. For example, a bra sized 36C denotes a band size of 36 inches and a cup size approximately three inches larger.

Purchase Lingerie

There are so many options on where to purchase lingerie both in stores and online.

Panty sizes are often smaller than expected; an average sized woman, size 8-10 in jeans, may wear size 6 panties or even a size 5 depending on the style. Obviously, woman with the more voluptuous “booty” will require a larger size than their frame might otherwise imply. 

Guys, if this sounds like a lot, just sneak a peek into her top drawer and jot down the sizes you find on her bras and panties.

If looking at lingerie pieces that include or would look good with stockings, it is important to know the height of the woman it is being purchased for, since stockings are usually sized based on height.

Considerations when buying lingerie: body type
Once the right size has been identified, the next step is assessing the woman’s body type and choosing the style of lingerie that will look best on her frame. In general, it is wise to avoid lingerie that will cling too much to the thighs or belly, areas most women want to conceal. The aim is to enhance and draw attention to the right curves, but not to stick to them.

How to Purchase Lingerie and garter belt

Keep in mind shape, size and comfort when purchasing lingerie

Garter belts and corsets look good on taller women and help to accentuate their curves even if they are slender. Corsets also help to support the bust and will boost cleavage while at the same time cinching in the waist and smoothing out the stomach.

A man cannot go wrong when shopping for lingerie if he looks at negligees; these suit even the most voluptuous women and are excellent for the woman who wants to hide her trouble spots. Baby-doll teddies are excellent for hiding a too-big tummy or butt while allowing the woman to show-off as well.

Where to buy lingerie
Many beautiful lingerie designs are available in both designer boutique and chain stores. Men who find shopping for lingerie difficult may prefer shopping online; they may find a wide variety of economically priced lingerie at

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