Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson make up the comedic duo that is Guys We Fucked. While their gig Guys We Fucked: the anti-slut shaming comedy podcast is a hit, their live show for JFL42 Toronto was an unfortunate miss.

To be fair, it’s not entirely the ladies fault—they had a difficult (read: dull) crowd to work with. They began the show with what was supposed to be a wit-filled, rapid-fire problem solving sequence in seven minutes. There was a long line of people who came up with sexually related “problems,” but their issues came across as trite and Hutchinson who was the “therapist” didn’t have any good material to work with.

In a piece that had the potential for a lot of laughs, audience members were called on stage to share “the worst thing that ever happened to them in a relationship” to which Hutchinson would prank-call the culprit for a bit of revenge. This bit was as disappointing as the first, but was due to the audience participants’ weak and unimaginative commentaries.

Fisher and Hutchinson’s single stand-up routines were mildly humorous with the former being the funnier of the two, using an abundance of sarcasm and frank truths directed to those brave enough to go on stage.

Toronto’s Guys We Fucked JFL42 show was supposed to be a live recording—it’s a good thing it wasn’t. At the end of the night I can imagine the girl’s backstage saying “well that bombed.”

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