Create a Downton Abbey Dinner Party.

Tips for a Stylish Downton Abbey Dinner Party

Flickering candlelight. Fresh flowers. Quiet conversation. These are some of the forgotten pleasures of a lost era—a time before microwaves and real-time news updates. Fortunately, you can bring back the finer, simpler things for an evening, and host a Downton Abbey-themed dinner party for a group of friends.
Patio Corner Global Eats. The Scene in TO.

Global Eats: 12 Restaurant Delights

Journey with us to some global good eats We take everything with us when we travel – our clothes, our money, and especially our appetites. Navigating restaurants while abroad can be an expensive thrill...
Kizomba is sexy dancing. Kizomba in Toronto.

inTO: Kizomba = Sexy

Kizomba is sexy, sensual and mesmerizing. Sensual dance charms its way into Toronto’s scene At first glance, it looks quite ordinary; you actually might not think much of it—it's just two people...
Jose Bautista and Silver Jeans collaborate on a signature denim collection to be released Fall 2015.

José Bautista & Silver Jeans: The Joey Series

Canadian-based denim company Silver Jeans Co., has teamed up with Jose Bautista, star batter for the Toronto Blue Jays, to collaborate on a collection of signature jeans—the Joey Series.
Cavalia Hits Toronto

Odysseo Returns to Toronto, Remarkable as Ever

Cavalia is back! Electrifying, charismatic, gentle and highly sexy, this production keeps the audience in awestruck from the moment you enter the tent. Actually, from the time you drive up. The tent itself is...