Veuve Clicquot Yelloweek Toronto

Veuve Clicquot Yelloweek Gallery

Veuve Clicquot delivered with another fabulous year of Yelloweek festivities in Toronto, from May 1 –May 7. Toronto’s launch party was May 1st at the Thompson Rooftop Lounge. ...
Corona SunBeam Toronto, Clinton's

Extend your summer with Corona SunBeam

Extend summer just a while longer won't you? Cue the Corona Sun Beam. Think of a giant mirror, 60-feet in the air, reflecting not just the light, but also the heat of the sun down on your shaded neighbourhood patio.

Behind the Scene: Annual Art For All of Canada

Seated in a mock studio where creativity and hope abounded, I lay out my tools haphazardly on the table before me. Soft and stiff paint brushes, sponges, rags and tubes of half-used paint engulfed the crammed s...
LCBO’s California Style wines promotion, wine tasting

Scene & Heard: LCBO’s California Style

Recently I took a “road trip” across the Golden State when I visited the kick-off to the LCBO’s ‘California Style’ wines promotion. The month-long showcase of more than 100 of California’s brightest, boldest (a...