inTO: Best Tips for Air Travel

Air Travel Tips

Don’t let the cost of air travel stop you from going on your next adventure. Although airfare costs are out of your control, there are many tricks of the trade that can help you land a better deal. Once you have snagged a good deal, start planning your luggage strategy and avoid check-in fees. Finally, sit, enjoy and relax with a cocktail, while adhering to a few unwritten rules of how to be an enjoyable passenger.

Set a (Flexible!) Date

Before booking your next flight, keep a few things in mind, such as the day of the week you are booking your flight and your departure date. A general rule of thumb in the flying business is to book your flight six weeks in advance on a Tuesday and depart on a Wednesday.

Air Travel Guide to Booking Flights inTO: Best Tips for Air Travel

Get to Know Your Airlines

Take advantage of the 24-hour cancellation policy that airlines have and check the prices the next day to see if they have gone down. Next, follow your go-to airlines on social media for the most up to date deals; airlines like to reward their loyal customers! You might also want to consider booking a one-way ticket to and from your destination on separate airlines to avoid those jacked up return flight prices. Try to find snapdeal app only offers to save huge on your booking. Alternatively, you can check and other daily deals website. Once you are ready to select your seat, be strategic. Select your seat at the time of booking to avoid extra fees and look for a row that already has a seat taken. The middle seat is less likely to be chosen by a passenger and you just scored yourself some extra space.

Choose a Luggage Strategy

Your luggage strategy needs to be on-point if you are looking to avoid extra costs and the frustrations of your bag getting lost in the shuffle. Of course, if you have an airline credit card this will most likely include free checked luggage, or if you cough up a little extra cash your upgraded seat may give you the same advantages. Also, consider volunteering to check your bag at the gate and be ready to board as quickly as possible, without being too pushy.

Be a Friendly Passenger

Airplane etiquette is important when flying, as none of us want to be that rude passenger someone is ranting about on Twitter. If you have a few extra items for the overhead bin, refrain from storing them until everyone has their luggage stowed. If you need to get up from your seat at some point, the best time to do this is right after food service, when your seat-mate is awake and already cleaning up their area. Now that you are in relaxation-mode, slowly and carefully recline your seat. If you have a family behind you avoid reclining if you can. Finally, when it’s time to exit the aircraft, make sure you go in order of row, and grab your belongings once it is your turn.

Next time you are on an airplane, keep in mind these few simple rules from our friends at, and you will be sure to impress your fellow-flyers!



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