Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar, Toronto

inTO: Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar at Yonge and Eglinton is worth the trip north of Bloor. Though there are many South East Asian restaurants in Toronto, Little Sister is the first 100% Indonesian restaurant.
Porch View Dances 2014

Neighbourhood: Porch View Dances

Last night, as I took a seat on the curb across from 92 London Street, a man with a young boy turned to me and asked if I had been to Kaeja d’Dance, Porch View Dances before.  I told him I had not and he ass...
Twelve Angry Men, Tony DeSantis, Joe Cobden, Joseph Ziegler, Jordan Pettle & Tim Campbell.

Theatre Review: Twelve Angry Men

Soulpepper's Twelve Angry Men is seriously good theatre. Soulpepper’s Twelve Angry Men is a must see show.  This handsome production directed by Alan Dilworth is simply terrific.  Anytime I see a play, ...
Jillan Mueller as Alex Owens in the famous water scene. Flashdance the Musical.

Mirvish Presents: Flashdance, the Musical

Actor Sydney Morton does well at overcoming the deficits in the script and music. I grew up in the 80s and one of my favorite films was Flashdance.  It captured that time period perfectly—the fashion, th...
Diana Leblanc

Soulpepper: Road to Mecca

Diana Leblanc & David Fox The Road to Mecca, written by Athol Fugard, is a three person play that examines the life of an eccentric old woman, Miss Helen (Diana Leblanc) and her desire to remain in her ...