Velvet Haney The Mousehouse Years Book Launch

Velvet Haney’s Memoir, The Mousehouse Years

Former model, Velvet Haney, released The Mousehouse Years, a memoir of her childhood with her five siblings in the care of their mostly single mother and with the larger than life looming presence of their father.
Corona SunBeam Toronto, Clinton's

Extend your summer with Corona SunBeam

Extend summer just a while longer won't you? Cue the Corona Sun Beam. Think of a giant mirror, 60-feet in the air, reflecting not just the light, but also the heat of the sun down on your shaded neighbourhood patio.
ERTH, Dinosaurs  Zoo Live

inTO : Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live!

Meet Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live's lovable T-Rex at the Farmers' Market at David Pecaut Square The kids will have a blast interacting with dinos big and small in Dinosaur Zoo Live. Looking for something...
The Field Party

Scene & Heard: The Field Annual Afternoon Party

 Father’s Day saw The Field celebrating 12 years of award winning music videos, just in time for the #MMVA’s There were quite a few vendors on hand at The Field Party showing off their wares and...
pollinator garden

Friends of Alexandra Park Gardening Party

Lend a helping hand to keep Toronto healthy and Green. Do you love to garden? Would you want to help out our animal and insect friends? If so, please join Friends of Alexandra Park, a local community...