With Just For Laughs (JFL42) only a day away you’re most likely confused on who to see or frustrated you’ve waited too long and missed out on the shows you really wanted or unsure how to dress. Though we can’t help with your personal clothing style, we can help provide some thoughts on who to see and why and help elevate your frustration. It’s like Yoga but using your eyes.

This year’s JFL42 is bigger than ever with 10 headliner performances and the addition of daytime programming with ComedyCon. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a comedian tic, what inspires them to tell horrible high school stories and why after decades their still doing it, the In Conversations with Headliners, Q&A’s and Live Podcasts will truly excite you. If you have that pesky daytime job thing going on, Saturday is your best bet to see Trevor Noah and a live podcast with Dana Gould (our picks).

A tip we’ve been given from our younger readers (those who stay up after 8pm) is check out the late night shows. Performances starting at 10:30pm like Cameron Esposito on the 22nd or Hasan Minhaj at 11:59pm on the 24th – note, he’s sold out every other performance so this is a solid lead. We’ve also been told to look at performances that have a (19+) so we can ensure we can drink and swear along with the comics.

When purchasing your tickets, take advantage of the credits.

“When you check into a show, the credit you used to reserve to that show will be put back in your account. That’s right, we’re not kidding around. You’ll get your credit back and you can use it to reserve to your spot to ANOTHER SHOW! How many shows can you see in 10 days?”

Silly JFL42; we’re all over this. Plan to see the majority of your shows on opening weekend featuring great comics like Maria Bamford and Margaret Cho back-to-back in the same venue starting at 7pm. So, you’ll two credits back before the start of the first show and select another two acts for the next day. If you’re really lazy you can just pick your comics based on how close their venues are to totally maximize your credits.

Lastly, make sure you use one of your credits for the SiriusXM’s Top Comic Finale on September 29 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Canadian comic Tom Green will headline the 7th annual SiriusXM Top Comic Finale, which will see eight finalists compete for the biggest grand prize of the competition to date — $25,000 and a guaranteed spot at three of Canada’s biggest comedy festivals in 2017: JFL42 in Toronto, JFL NorthWest in Vancouver and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

And that’s our take. But you don’t have to listen to us. Just keep checking your blood pressure if you wait any longer to purchase your tickets.

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