The 4 Essentials Every Stylish Traveller Should Know About

You’re a savvy traveller. You’ve done your research, booked the perfect escape and mapped out every last detail. But have you thought about what to pack? Whether you’re headed for a long weekend in Montreal or a week-long excursion to Manhattan, the key to smart travel style is planning. Start with these four fundamentals and add in a sense of your own personal style.

Plastic Wrappings

To keep outfits organized and to differentiate between your dirty and clean clothes, stock up on plastic zip-top bags of varied sizes. The larger ones fit outfits and keep them clean, so you don’t have to worry about your white dress getting dirty or rubbing against your shoes.

For extra freshness, add a dryer sheet to each bag. Clothes will smell fresh-out-the-dryer clean no matter how long they’ve been stuffed in your luggage. Pre-picking outfits also takes all the guesswork out of what to wear on any given day. Pack a few kitchen garbage bags for your dirty clothes, too. If you’re a frequent traveller, consider investing in a set of Travel Space Bags to maximize space even more.

Effortless Ensembles

Ladies, embrace the dress. Add a few simple accessories, and a dress makes an entire outfit without taking up as much suitcase room as separates do. To get the best of both worlds, pack jeans or neutral-colored pants or shorts that can be paired with different tops for day and night. Also consider re-wearing your jeans or pants once with a different top, so you get two outfits out of three pieces. Anywhere you can save space in your suitcase helps, and if you pack smart, you’ll be able to fit more outfit options or have room for shopping splurges.

And remember, wrinkle-resistant fabrics are a frequent traveler’s best friend, so keep that in mind when you’re clothes shopping. Look for clothing lines like Travelers from Chico that are designed specifically for effortless travel style.

A Bodacious Bag

Pack that pretty clutch, but travel with a medium to large-sized handbag with lots of compartments and full closures so nothing falls out. A versatile handbag is your carry-on companion, where you can stash your 3-ounce beauty essentials, valuable jewelry and anything else you might need the day you arrive on your trip. If you want to play it extra safe, you can even pack an outfit in case your luggage is delayed.

Choose a bag that’s fun, stylish and chic enough to pair with almost any outfit. Think neutral colors and don’t forget metallic hues, which are just as versatile as blacks and browns. For example, handbags from Coach are both spacious and sophisticated—definitely worth the investment if you travel often.

Sensible Soles

Shoes take up a lot of room in a suitcase, so consider these carefully. Make comfort your first priority; no one wants aching feet. Keep it light with your main go-to day shoes, and supplement as necessary with waterproof flip-flops for the beach, ballerina flats for relaxing evenings or a pair of heels if you plan on dressing up. Like handbags, neutral tones and metallics are the most practical because they pair well with most outfits and cut down on the number of pairs you need to bring.

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