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This is a very political show so check your political baggage at the door and just enjoy. There are some very obvious current sentiment skits and overall the content was a little overdone but the talent is so good, one doesn’t really care. As with any improve show some skits will resonant more than others and some are simply there for filler or to illicit some audience gasp response, that’s standard. What really stood out here was the talent.


At the beginning of the show it seemed as though there may be some clear front runners in terms of lead actors but as the show progressed it became clear, we’re dealing with a cast of heavy hitters who can each hold their own. This was especially clear after the formal show ended and the cast goes off script and performs some improve based on audience suggestions.

Cast: Ann Pornel, Brandon Hackett and Lindsay Mullan, plus newcomers Devon Hyland, Colin Munch and Paloma Nuñez.

Cast: Ann Pornel, Brandon Hackett and Lindsay Mullan, plus newcomers Devon Hyland, Colin Munch and Paloma Nuñez.

We all know there’s a certain political client between Canada and the US and many comedy sketch shows have made fun of this and will continue to do so. What’s different about seeing this in a live audience format is that the table conversations around the statements made far outlast the sketches themselves and that, we hope, is the true sentiment behind this show. Then there are sketches, like the clubbing one, where you realize that maybe you shouldn’t be dragging your friends out to industry night anymore and they’ve more than suffered because of you. The sketch allows your friends the freedom to say “yup, that’s so you and that’s so me” and end it there.


This is a great date show, group of friends show or just go alone and laugh out loud show. Whatever your reason, don’t miss the remaining performances at Second City ending June 30th. Tickets and more information found online here.

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