Giorgio Armani – Frames of Life – 2014 

Giorgio Armani Frames of Life. Films of City Frames Giorgio Armani’s Frames of Life collection takes that old adage, “The eyes are the window to the soul,” and ensures that the view is a little clearer and comes with stylish drapery.

In recent years, glasses have become something of an indication of what a person might be like right off the bat. With this in mind, anybody who wears glasses knows how important and how difficult it is to choose the right frame. The right pair must fit perfectly, and not just your face, but your personality. What message do you wish to send upon first glance? That you are bold and stylish, perhaps a risk taker? Perhaps you prefer to stay neutral and practical, maybe you are inspired by the classics. Regardless of the style you choose, your glasses are often the first thing people notice about you.

Mr. Armani knows this of course, and came up with a way to promote the arts, young entrepreneurs and his new Frames of Life collection all in one go. Earlier this month during the Toronto International Film Festival, Academy award-winning Director/Producer Edward Zwick hosted the premiere of Films of City Frames. The collection of short films were commissioned by Armani, who selected some of the most promising students from six international film schools and tasked them with creating short films, showcasing the metropolitan landscapes of their surroundings, using the Frames of Life eyewear as a perceptual filter.

You can find the full collection of films at



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