Fresh colours abound with prestine conditions at NailSense

It’s what every woman wants. A spa salon experience that won’t break the bank and that delivers a glam setting in zen like conditions.

We’ve all been there, that hole-in-the-wall little nail shop that reeks of polish and gels, where the girls speak at the top of their lungs in languages we don’t understand (are they talking about that discoloured nail I have?) and the spa pedicures—oh my goodness, is that something floating in the tub? But we go, because seriously, it’s really cheap and it gets the job done.

Well ladies and gents, your ghastly spa experiences are over! NailSense takes the affordable mani/pedi experience and turns it on its head.

Picture this: you walk in to the bright and immaculate shop and are pleasantly greeted. You choose from an array of colours before you’re seated in your spa pedicure seat. Light music is heard in the background and a silent rom-com plays (with subtitles) on the large flat screen. You sit back and think, hey, I don’t have that dull thumping headache, why is that? Because it actually smells good here.

After a massage pedi, your very quiet manicurist brings out a steaming white towel to delight your legs and senses. Is this heaven? It just might be.

In addition to the ubiquitous mani/pedis, NailSense offers waxing, facials, Children’s spa packages, private spa parties and a plethora of other goodies to select from.

In a hurry or don’t want your boss to know you’re booking appointments on work time? No worries, you can email for an appointment and the manager will get right back to you with a confirmation.

When you’re looking to pamper yourself without going broke, take your tender tootsies over to NailSense for an experience that will delight your senses and your bank account.

2712 Yonge Street (Between Lawrence and Eglinton Ave)
Toronto, Ontario 

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