Toronto-based Action Candy Co. has made living an all-natural and healthy lifestyle one step easier with the launch of Pür, the better-for-you gum. 

What sets Pür gum apart from the rest of the pack? It is made with no artificial flavours or colours, is gluten-free, aspartame-free (yes– that is a big deal, but more on that later), vegetarian-approved and 100% GMO-free. With so much confusion over what is and is not present in packaged foods today, Pür gum’s clear-cut labeling is great because there is nothing to hide. How’s that for refreshing?

Sweetened naturally with Xylitol instead of the man-made sythetic and potentially dangerous food additive, aspartame (prevalent in other sugar-free gums), Pür gum offers a low calorie and low-glycaemic option for diabetics, those with celiac disease and others limited by dairy and nut allergies. Xylitol has also been found to aide in digestion, and even prevent tooth decay.  Aspartame on the other hand has been linked to symptoms including (but not limited to) headaches, dizziness, mood change, vomiting/nausea, and change in heart rate. Enough to make you think twice the next time you’re at the convenience store?

We imagine it’s a start, but how does it stack up against its competitors in terms of taste and chewing longevity?

The first thing to keep in mind is if you are partial to big-cubed Hubba Bubba or those filled with fruity and juicy centers, then this may be a difficult transition. If you are seeking a chewing gum that does the job minus the distracting frills and fancies then Pür gum will do the job.

The Scene inTO recently sat down and taste-tested the line’s 3 flavours: Pomegranate Mint, Spearmint, and Peppermint.

PüR GUM is currently available in 3 flavours: Peppermint, Spearmint and Pomegranate Mint

Here are our impressions:

  • The flavour is great! Upon first bite you don’t encounter that off-putting fiery blast of menthol a.k.a. “hotness”
  • It effectively neutralizes the palette
  • Provides a long-lasting chew

When we get our hands on a good-thing we make sure to share. Here is what some Sceners thought:

A. Vassallo who works in the social services sector had this to say: “I really like it. The packaging is very cool, has a European flair and the flavour really lasted. I would definitely buy it. Really no negatives although it looks as if it would cost more than the run of mill gum.”

Calvin Y., an avid smoker was impressed: At first I wasn’t sure if it would cover up my smokers’ breath since I didn’t get that overwhelming blast of menthol but it worked! It has a less harsh flavor than some of the other brands that I’ve tried.”

J. Kologriv, a hairstylist was a fan of the Pomegranate Mint saying, “In my opinion I just don’t think that fruit and mint should ever mix except for maybe with cough drops but this has changed my mind. I like that the fruit flavour of pomegranate is pronounced.”

S. Bartolac, in financing wasn’t a fan of the peppermint, “I’m sorry bit I don’t like it. I find it a bit chalky and the flavour (PomMint) didn’t last long enough.”

The only repeated criticism was that some chewers found the texture of the gum (depending on which one they sampled) to be slightly denser or chalkier than their normal brand(s).

All in all, Pür gum is exactly what it claims to be – a refreshing and long-lasting chew that does more than just curb a sweet tooth. It does the body good but don’t just take our word for it, try for yourself – Pür gum is now available at health food stores, Freshii locations, and Pusateri’s Fine Foods.

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3 Responses

  1. WP. Morgan

    Pur Gum=good news for avid, green and health conscious gum chewers everywhere. Thanks for putting this out there to the readers.

  2. B.F.T

    keep hope alive! Pur Gum is a great way to enjoy a good chew and not feel bad about ruining your teeth or health. Good for you, while not being too gimmicky. Hope it will always be alive!

  3. Lilo Stich

    Not a huge fan of the fruit flavoured one, found it didn’t keep the flavour for more than about 10-5 minutes and it also got a little hard. It was nice at first chew though.I do really like the mint type flavours that they carry, taste lasts much longer and is strong enough to banish bad breath and even garlic. Good choice overall, good job Pur Gum.


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