HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. “Toronto” Poster or Print by Ork Posters. From $30.00.
Good Egg, 267 Augusta Ave., 416-593-4663

A new and exciting find by The Scene inTO: the super-modern and eye-catching “Toronto” poster or screen print by Ork Posters. The style of Ork’s poster design deduces each neighborhood to a certain ‘one-ness’, and reminds us of the larger community, the city. In concept, the line of posters not only function as maps, but also expand one’s sense of community beyond immediate surroundings. Not just eye-candy, Ork donates a percentage (minimum 2%) of gross sales to non-profit organizations each year. Available in 4 colours. A “Great Lakes” print is also available.

A CARD FOR EVERY REGARD. Social Emergency Cards. $35.00.
Kid Ikarus, 75 Nassau St., 416-977-7236

Every hostess with the mostest will find a use for Kid Icarus’ clever Social Emergency Cards. Keep the busy entertainer in your life well-stocked and prepared for any last-minute or unexpected occasion. They will only need to check the appropriate box and write their note inside. The package contains 2 of each card “Sorry I…”, “Congrats”, “My Dearest”, “Happy” and “Thanks”. 10 cards in a package.

BREAK THE ICE. Gravitas Game. $39.95.
Spotted Zebra, 87 Cottingham St., 416-944-0251

Break the ice and liven the party! Named after the Latin word meaning a quality of substance or depth of personality, the game of Gravitas is one of discovery – of who we are and how we have lived – there is no right or wrong answer. The game consists of 143 cards (three questions per card) totalling 429 questions. Sure to get your guests talking – everyone can offer some gravitas on life’s big questions.

KITCHEN 101. “Keys to Good Cooking” by Harold McGee. $42.00.
Good Egg, 267 Augusta Ave., 416-593-4663

Think of food scientist Harold McGee’s “Keys to Good Cooking” as a guide to all things culinary, minus the recipes: how to purchase raw ingredients, store them, and prepare them to best advantage. With chapters devoted to Kitchen Tools, Heat and Heating Appliances, and Cooking Methods, McGee’s 101 approach helps to demystify the science behind kitchen arts, readers will understand not only how to do things but why they’re best done one way over another – an invaluable addition to food literature!

RING-A-TING-TINI! Martini Kit by David’s Tea. $50.00
David’s Tea, multiple locations.

A sure-fire way to shake things up this holiday season, David’s Tea’s Martini Kit will liven any party up. Containing a cocktail shaker, two martini glasses, sweet agave sticks and a recipe booklet of tea martini recipes this set comes with everything you need to make delicious drinks including the teas: North African Mint, Pure Chai, Raspberry Nectar, Earl Grey and Matcha Matsu. Many other gift set options available to fit every budget.3 free samples with every online order.

HANDS ON. Rituals of Relief Gift Set by Aveda $60.00.
Aveda, multiple locations.

Containing 1 full and travel-size each of Aveda’s Hand Relief and Foot Relief, this I4-piece gift set contains my absolute favourite items to use and gift! I have yet to come across a person who doesn’t instantly become hooked on Aveda’s hydrating and exfoliating moisturizers. Soothing dry, chapped hands and feet, they are a must-have during harsh Canadian Winters.



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  1. Suzy

    THX there are great gifties on here that can last all year round so they aren’t just applicable during the holidays. I especially like a card for all regards. It;’s great to have cards for any time use. tHey come in soo handy!

  2. Jasmine Yeung

    Author’s Note: “Keys to Good Cooking” is available at COSTCO for $25.00. Don’t have a membership, buddy-up to a friend who has one – COSTCO has great gifts at even better prices.


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