Can you hear the drums Fernando? Yes, Fernando can hear the drums—the drums of Miike Snow’s Song for No One, that is. With a very simple composition, the drums are one of the standout elements of the song. It’s not that they’re particularly brilliant or original—it’s a very simple riff that can be heard in countless songs. It’s just that this particular song has so little to it; quite unlike a typical Miike Snow track that you can’t help but pay special attention to them.

What’s the usual, you ask? Well, Miike Snow’s signature sound has several elements mixed together. So many in fact that it seems like it would be overwhelming to the ear. But it’s not. Miike Snow’s songs are actually quite pleasant and catchy—kind of like Fernando by ABBA.

So who exactly is Miike Snow? Contrary to all logic, Miike Snow is a trio, not a one-man show. The band was formed in 2007, but it wasn’t until the 2009 release of their single Animal that people started taking notice. Shortly after their self-titled debut album Miike Snow was released, which peaked in the UK charts at #59.

Their highly contagious mix of electronic and indie pop has won them features in TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Chuck, Jersey Shore, and the short-lived Melrose Place.

The band members have extensive reputations behind them. Pontus Winnberg and Christian Karlsson have been producing songs for artists such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue under the name Bloodshy & Avant. They also co-wrote and produced Britney Spears’ Grammy Award winning single Toxic. Vocalist Andrew Wyatt has had experience in a few bands, most recently the Fires of Rome.

As previously mentioned, their music is most notable for its complex and feel-good beats. But without the vocals, these electro-pop beats would just be, well…electro-pop beats. Wyatt’s vocals which are reminiscent of Prince during his high notes, are what make these tunes the songs that they are.

Some of the lyrics are a little gloomy: “it hurts too much to breathe”… “sometimes I wanna get slain”, but the lively beats mask the melancholy.

All in all, Miike Snow’s music is cool, catchy, and most definitely worth listening to. Check them out at their upcoming gig at the Kool Haus on October 9th. Get your tickets now!

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