Having trouble getting your kids to eat healthy? TVOKids has the solution. The popular children’s show is putting on a free stage-show tour.

Kara Harun

The TVOKids 2010 Don’t Sit Still Tour aspires to encourage children to make healthier food choices and get more active.

TVOKids co-host Kara Harun says the tour will include a game show, entertaining skits, hit songs from the show and will inspire kids and even parents to get up and dance. “The goal is to get kids from all across Ontario to get up and active,” said Harun. 

The co-host says the tour is successful because it is educational and informative. “It’s great that we’re pushing healthy eating choices,” said Harun. “It’s hard for kids to get up and be active when there are so many unhealthy food choices and distractions like video games.”

Harun’s advice for parents who are struggling with their children’s unhealthy eating habits is to get them more involved in the planning process. “Invite them grocery shopping and get their input. Let them make meals with you and inform and educate them that way,” suggests Harun. “If parents work with them then it’s more of a family activity. It’s all about the examples you set.”

This weekend the tour will be hitting London and Stratford. “Every show is a success no matter how many people attend. The kids always have fun.”

For a complete list of the TVOKids 2010 Don’t Sit Still Tour spots visit:


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