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Are you more than a hard-core sports fan? Think you have what it takes to be a big-time sportscaster? If so, you have the chance of being The Score’s newest sportscaster. Score Media Inc. and Gillette have announced auditions for Canada’s next sportscaster are now underway.

Back for a second season, Gillette DRAFTED 2: The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster is expected to be bigger and better with more finalists (ten as opposed to last season’s five), more challenges and even more sportscasting designed to separate the hard-core from the average. All the antics, from the audition stage to the final pick, will be featured as part of an upcoming reality series on The Score. The winner will receive a one-year contract with Score Media, a one-year spokesperson contract with Gillette and presumably more Gillette supplies than a person can handle. The competition will be fierce, so make sure your sports knowledge is up to par and your charisma is at its best.

Beginning May 7 in Halifax, last year’s Gillette DRAFTED winner, Paul Brothers, will tour Canada to see who has what it takes to get drafted. Draftees have until June 6 to submit their auditions, and Toronto hopefuls can audition in-person at the Eaton Centre on May 15th or 16th, apply online or by mail Check out for more details.

Drafted Season One Winner Paul Brothers

Not interested in being a sportscaster but love watching reality shows that have young hopefuls either soar to the next round or crash and burn? I recommend visiting during the next few months to see audition footage, recaps, and other featurettes.

For those who don’t know, The Score is a sports television network based in Toronto headed by Score Media. In the past couple of years The Score opened a brand new studio in downtown Toronto that has greatly helped them boost their presentation and audience base. The Score now employs over 200 people as they look to join the big boys of Canadian Sports television (TSN and Sportsnet). One last note, if you’re wondering what potential there is for growth from a job at The Score then you need look no further than Adnan Virk. Adnan was a Score personality who was recently hired at ESPN in the States. So, The Score can definitely lead to bigger things if that is what you are looking for.

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